Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Would you do it again???

We've been home for a week and we're catching up with friends, neighbours, sailors, our congregation at Waterford United, family and colleagues.

The question we hear over and over is 'Would you do it again?'

If we could we would in a heartbeat, a nanosecond. For all of our trials with teenagers on board, faulty heads, overheating alternators and leaks, it was worth every moment, every bead of sweat, every tear of homesickness, every dollar spent.

For our family it is one more piece of the tapestry that wraps us together, solid and warm.

For Scott and I, it was the realization of the dream we've shared for so very long. It's also the one I've kept close to my heart since I was a girl gazing at the horizon on Lake Erie and wondering what it would be like to sail into that and never stop.

Now I know and there's a deep peace that comes with that.

So would we do it again??

Scott and I could take the boat south again. We know that. But it would never be the same and that's OK.

We can never do this again with our children, which was always the dream. So no, we can't ever do it again. But thanks be to God, we did do it.

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Parrent Five said...

You made me cry again. So very touched to read your blog post. We will all hold the memories tight after this great adventure.