Monday, April 9, 2012

Now what?

Now that we've been home for about 10 months, we're sizing up what's next for us? What do we do with this boat of ours?

Messenger has had a few challenges. Last August she was hit by lightning, requiring a haulout. When that happened we learned she had sustained an insult to her hull from a bump she took on the Oswego Canal on the way home.

Scott is busy working on her rudder.

We've ramped up our jobs, both working longer hours, more shifts to pay for the adventure.

That's OK. We're generally grateful for this wonderful experience and even more so to have jobs to come back to in order to help our children go to university for their studies and their lives.

but in the still quiet moments between sleep and wakefulness I feel a pang, a longing to be able to look up and through the forward hatch and see the stars and hear the wind.

On board, I would rise in the night and lean out into the cabin to hear my children sleeping and sometimes the lapping of the waves against the boat, rocking us back to sleep.

I still rise. I still listen to my children sleep. I still dream.