Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well, it's really happening! Scott got approved last week from OPG for a 10-month leave of absence. Lisa is in the midst of securing the same from her employer The Hamilton Spectator. Now, the word is out and we're telling friends and family. Reactions range from envy to incredulousness.

This is the path not often taken, an adventure. Normal for twentysomethings, not so normal for middle class parents of a certain age with three children and responsibilities - volunteer jobs, big extended families, a cat.

But, it's our dream, one we've had for 22 years since we first met. We have always wanted to travel with whatever children we had in whatever boat we could afford.

Now it's all happening. Scott has developed a spreadsheet with deadlines and colour coding and details that makes me feel like breathing into a paper bag. But, at least one of is focused on what needs to happen. Me, I think I'm in a bit of a state of paralysis. I'm sure it won't last. Can't last, really. I'll need to soon leap into my duties - but I'll procrastinate about that some more.

We'll start charting our research, our chats with friends who have made similar trips. Join us.